03 August 2008

I might sew again some day ...

What a busy few days!! Seems all I've been doing is running here and running there or being on the phone .. my sewing room misses me - the most I've done quilt-wise in the past 2 days is print off a greyscale version of my wc pic :S

We were finally able to pick up a cheap car so we now have transportation again - and I've been non-stop since then ... running here - running there .. doing a reverse daddy invasion with the dog :D - gotta love revenge ;) oh and course we got her all riled up like he does here :) It is NICE to have a car again .. VERY NICE!!!

I noticed that Orion had been snipping at her back end the past day, and mentioned it to reg and asked him to please check her out for fleas .. she's funny on who she lets do what to her ... his eyesight is also better than mine, so I'd like him find the itty bitty bugs on our black lab :) well he found them so off to petsmart to get the drops for the cats and the dog .. well they had the flea drops for the dog, but not the cats .. GRRRR .. the cats are all over the furniture - DRAT. So we'll keep an eye on the cats over the next few days and then maybe head to Walmart to buy the drops there for them .. When Reg got shadow (yes she used to be his cat), he got the flea stuff there. So nothing major, just a poor critter that's a wee bit out of sorts right now.

With all the heat we've been having I've been hard pressed to keep my cucumbers and tomatoes in the planter boxes properly wet .. they were either drowning or drying out .. so reg dug up the backyard for me this AM (before we went out), and I transplanted all my tomato and cucumber plants. I'm pretty sure that all my tomato plants will be fine. I've already lost one cuke plant, and another is questionable .. 2 I might be able to save .. let's see how they adjust to actually being in a garden with oodles of room to stretch their roots.

While reg was showing me where he worked (never been there as it's a 30 min drive away) I saw a yard sale where a lady had quilts hung up .. I said "I see QUILTS .. we gotta stop!!" heh .. I always hope for cutter quilts or tops or whatnot .. these were neither, but quilts she had made for sale .. but while I was talking quilting to her, reg found FABRIC!!! I got these two pieces here for 50¢!! The one on the left is 2 yards, 60" wide and has a sheen of sorts to it . .I'm thinking that this is home dec stuff .. but it's still cool looking. The one on the right is 2½ yards, 45" wide - nice little treasures me thinks :) I was hoping to find some fru fru stuff for the art quilts I'm hoping to make .. and figure a yard sale would be the best place to start.

I just realized that I spouted off bout a greyscale image and didn't go anywhere with it :S I was having difficulty with my wc and I figured out why (I hope), I was working from colours and not values .. so I'll be going back over this by picking out values .. I'm just not 'there' to do this by eye, so greyscale image here I come :)

I'm hoping that tomorrow can be more quilt related - after I pull weeds, do the lawn, the dishes, laundry .. esh .. or not quilt related ... **sigh**