24 August 2008

Travel Notes from Bobcaygeon

Would you believe that I had to request to get reviewed AGAIN bah! I checked my email and my junk mail and nothing from them, but to extend my stay on the terror list - Bloody Hell!

A fter 9 days, we are back .. it was absolutely GREAT and I had a total blast. I love vacations like this where you visit and veg and just piddle around and do whatever .. no schedules, no tearing off to this and that ... my parents used to like those types of vacations .. i swear you needed another week off to recover from those (!) ..

5:30am - alarms start ringing, eyes crack open and the fun begins .. making sure all gets into the car and we leave on time .. as reg and kyle were getting ready, I decided to put my bag into the trunk along with a few other bags .. as i'm stuffing this in, I crank my head right off the trunk .. oh Lordy did THAT smart and it raised a small bump .. then afterwards, I was putting the milk in the freezer (2-½ gallon jugs) so we could have it when we got back and I didn't know that a jam jar had stuck to the one gallon where I couldn't see it ... my darling son saw this and and of course said nothing (not sure he was awake or even 'thinking' yet) - well at any rate, I get the milk jug to the height of my eyes, when the jam jar decides it's NOT going to spend the next week in the freezer and unsticks itself .. that puppy landed right on the bones above my big toe (%^&*$) - I think I woke the bloody block up .. ohmyGod did that HURT!!!! Reg was in the bathroom and figured that we were going to be starting our vacation in ER with me and a broken foot .. I have no idea how i managed not to break it .. matter of fact, you really couldn't see the bruise all that well - and it really doesn't hurt anymore .. God does protect the foolish :D But I sure felt it for the next 4 days.

We get off at 6:05am and with 2 stops make it to Bobcaygeon around 2 pm .. heh .. Orion had her priorities straight .. she refused to go in the door, so Reg and Kyle took her around back .. all Gran saw of me and the dog was a black streak as she hauled me out the door and down the steps .. Orion made a beeline for the lake and just jumped in off the breakwall first and then off the dock .. so she was 'grounded' to the outside until she dried .. this of course was a daily thing .. heh .. she made a beeline for the lake every am and was tied up to dry off - after lunch we would do whatever and she headed for the lake again around 4 or so then was grounded to dry land and was generally dry enough for supper to become a speed bump in the pathway between the table and the kitchen ..

Today was the day that the family came to visit and see Reg .. his Uncle David, Melissa (cousin), Misha (Mel DH), Josh (cousin), and Aunt Barb (not married to Uncle David) arrived around 9 am. The day was spent tubing, playing croquet that turned into the 'Or Not' game as we kept whiffing or shooting the balls off on a tangent, and whiffle baseball .. sandwiches for lunch and bbq chicken for dinner. Reg opted not to come on the boat so that left David, Melissa, Misha, Aunt Barb, Cricket, Kyle and myself to pile in and terrorize the fish in the lake ... The lake was rough that day and David maniacal with his "S" curves and whipping around .. but what a BLAST .. I forgot how much water can hurt when you are hurting at it at over 30 mph :D

Like I was capable of movement after yesterday .. heh .. yeah right .. I spent Sunday recovering from the abuse that I put my body thru the day before .. and you know what??? I would do it again too :D Oh wait .. actually we did do something this day .. and it required no effort on my part but to sit and watch a movie .. Lindsay, ON has an honest to goodness real live drive-in theatre!!! When I first saw it two years ago, I thought it was deserted and closed down .. but nope .. it's open and showing movies 7 days a week :) .. we saw the Mummy - the second feature was Wanted, but we didn't stick around for that one as we weren't sure what it was about and were both pretty sure that it wasn't suitable for Kyle ..

Spent the day doing more tubing and swimming .. we weren't out long, not even close to as long as Saturday, but then again, today it was only Reg, Kyle and myself .. since i was sore and Reg's back was bothering him, and Kyle was being nervous, none of us was tossed around even a smidgeon as much as David did to me on Saturday .. did I get dumped?? Nope not this time .. just a nice fun ride .. the lake wasn't half as choppy either .. I did dump Reg tho .. he decided to get cheeky and take his hands off .. so of course I obliged with a quick S turn .. but then again, if he didn't want to get dumped, he wouldn't have let go - or he would have grabbed as he can react faster than the boat turns :)

Tuesday, Wednesday
We ran into carburetor problems on the way to Fenellon Falls on Tuesday and spent the rest of that day (when we finally got back in (!)) and part of Wednesday fussing with it .. of course this entailed trips into town (30 mins) away and poking around to find the right stuff .. we never did get it going again and I wasn't about to take off the carburetor and fix it .. I really didn't want that responsibility and Gran didn't have an issue with it .. she just felt bad, because the boat won't be fixed until sometime next week as the marina is really backed up on repairs right now .. ah well .. we got 3 days on the boat and there are other things to do ..

I could have just kicked myself .. Reg mentioned going into town for lunch - I didn't bring my camera, but in my defense .. he didn't mention WHAT town!! We headed off to Fenellon Falls .. brat! that is a really impressive lock there .. that thing is roughly 50ft deep, has a waterfall and a twisting river canyon that is just breath taking to ride down .. the rates for the locks are pretty reasonable too .. I wish we had taken kyle into the locks when the boat was still running .. there'll be other years, but he would have been impressed to all get out with Fenellon Falls ..

Oh and to make this part quilt related - I bought some doilies for $1 each and will use them for bleaching discharging for patterns :D

Reg's Uncle David came up again and this time brought his other daughter Lindsey as she was unable to come the weekend before .. more swimming and croquet and cards at nite .. this time David didn't put a plastic spider in my bed .. he did that the last time I was up there .. LOL .. what a card!!

After the dog's last swim in the lake around 11 and then our last swim we ate our hot lunch and headed off home .. we only made one stop this time in Waterloo and made some really awesome time .. it got busy in Toronto, but nothing serious .. we left at 1:50pm (yes I know .. it wasn't stupid o'clock in the am .. what were we thinking(?!?!) and got home around 7 - so just over 5 hours ..

It was sad to leave, but I am glad to be home .. Pixel hasn't really left me alone since I got in the door - he needs some serious attention from me .. poor shadow is half wild .. but she was always standoffish .. she'll come around ..

It was a wonderful week .. a lazy week but still a busy week ..

oh I did manage to get some handquilting done on my wholecloth quilt - I've not taken a picture of it and have just about had enough of editing pics for today .. I'll post that tomorrow or Monday

here is some pics from our week - not all of them mind you - but enough to get the idea :)
bobcaygeon 08