08 August 2008

Impression piece; Orion

A fter looking up the guidelines for abstract challenge group, I saw that I didn't have to keep my progress a secret, so I've decided to post my progress with this.

I've used a lot of texture in this quiltlet to make up for the fact that this isn't abstract - I'm struggling with this being abstract as the brush strokes in impressionist art were the abstract part of it - I'm finding that part extremely challenging with what I have on hand - or I could just be overthinking it too.

I've used suit lining for the moon, it's got a slight sheen to it, sheer cotton for the reflection; corduroy for the dock, hand-dyed fabric for the trees to show changes in lighting with the moon and velveteen for the tree trunk. My sky and water fabric create the illusion of the depth of night sky and waves. To help create more texture for the tree, I've made little cuts in it and will try and fray the up a bit to create 'leaves / needles'. The 'leaves' are currently NOT laying flat and it's my intention to keep them that way. I was thinking about using crayons to create more ripples in the water, but will want to practice first to see if I can't get the effect I want.

My plan was to start stitching these parts down, but after a discussion with Deb, I wanted to try to create the ripples with crayons, but that could be overkill on this piece. All I was planning (for lack of a better idea / inspiration - my muse is silent on this regard or just is totally clueless (yup I believe the clueless part)), was to do meander stitching on each part of the piece with the appropriate colours. I'm not sure I totally have a grasp on abstract at this point. I'm looking thru galleries and getting a better idea .. But since I've started this one, I'm going to finish it :) .. There's nothing in the 'rules' that says you can't do more than one quiltlet.

If I've said it before, I'm going to say it again .. yup - I'm a twit .. what did I do this time you're wondering?? Simple, I was at Walmart yesterday looking for fru fru supplies and didn't take the time to think about it .. i was just so overwhelmed by my options, that I did nothing .. well the ribbons, lace etc are all 50% .. With the average price being $1/meter - I could easily get 20 yards of various fru fru for like $10 .. yup . .I'm a twit .. I'm heading to Walmart tomorrow to shop without reg .. I always feel a little pressured when I'm in the craft / fabric section when he's with me - prolly part of my twit moment there - Not that he says anything, just that I KNOW he's waiting and its not fair to him. So tomorrow .. I go off by myself. I plan on buying crayons too and seeing what they might have in their craft department that's on sale too. I do want to get more tulle as I learned that can be used for these quilts. heh .. you'd think that with a kid in the house, I **might** find some crayons, right?? wrong .. not a one .. talk about disappointing.

Orion got a bath early this AM and so far has a clean bill of health .. no critters crawling on her belly or armpits. All the animals have collars on them - so we are good to go .. Brenda on one of my lists sent off a train of thought with me on cleaning with Hartz Rid .. mix an ounce of it with a 32 ounce spray bottle & use it for cleaning where the dogs are. It leaves a nice scent & the residue kills bugs. so that prompted a thought that I could just wash my floors with said solution and see what drops dead :)

I'm off to look at more abstract art ..


  1. HI Gracie, I'm Anne from the Quilt Talk Group. I think this design is very abstract. I like what you've done a lot. Keep going. It's very challenging to get an abstract mindset when you've always done "realistic" so if you are "overthinking", I would be too.

  2. It looks good, Grace. My interpretation of abstract is a bit different than yours, I think. Nothing recognizable as an object, but colors and emotions creating a mood. I give you tons of kudos for doing this, you are much more brave than I! My mind thinks very literally.

  3. Thank you both for your encouragement ..

    I might have another idea, with crayons, fru fru (will have to see what I find) and fabric ..

    I just needed to rethink it a bit and look at other's work ..

    hugs and thank you!

  4. Grace,
    I think this looks wonderful. Embellishments--I would suggest silver small sequins or little delica beads. I think that could give you the "punch" if you will.
    I love you and it does look great! Wonderful idea on the suit lining.


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