28 May 2016

Falling down the Lace Hole ...

Adding another tier of blocks on my cloth did the trick perfectly. I had a bit of a problem with the top triangle tier as I think I added a stitch or didn't K2tog or PSSO somewhere and I wasn't able to find it, so I've a funky wave at the top.  I'm not going to worry about it so much as I'll figure it out eventually.  I want to try this with various weights - maybe do a scarf or shawl - maybe even a scrap blanket .. we'll have to see.

Ravelry link - Entrelac dishcloth The 2nd

I've been wanting to do a knitted tank to use up my stash.  So based on stash amounts I settled on this Lace Tank Top - not sure I'll have enough to complete it, but I can always do the bodice in a different colour. Pretty sure I've got a skein of white DK in my stash.  I like the fact it's got an empire waist so it'll be loose fitting and it'll be something I can wear at work :)

My first attempt, I had a devil of a time (for some stupid reason) with extra stitches and a badly curling hem - so after the 3 attempt of ripping after 8 - 9 rows, I opted to do 2 rows of garter stitch to give me a foundation  - I did find it way easier to work with the 2 added rows, but for some reason, I no longer seem to have the lacey type holes that I had in the first attempts with no foundation row.  I think I'll be taking it apart (yet AGAIN) and trying it with the foundation rows.  It truly is driving me batshit.

I didn't get a picture of the first attempts - even though the stitching looked great - it was all those added stitches that I couldn't live with.  You can see here where the lacey holes show up in just a few spots, but most of the piece doesn't have them and the product picture shows the lace in the work.  I can handle a few mistakes etc in the back piece near the bottom hem, but that's more than a few mistakes and nothing I seem to be doing is correcting it

I'll try another attempt with the foundation row and go from there - if it doesn't give me the lace look I want, them back to no foundation rows and a LOT of cursing!

Good thing I'm not in a rush for this.  I know I'm going to like it - once I can see more than 12 rows of the pattern LOL