31 May 2016

Forth and Back - Repeat ... a LOT

This seems to be one of those patterns that little issues sneak in and bite ya - bout 10 rows later.

I'm having a hard time keeping 121 stitches on the needle for one - and two - stitches escape and are found 6 rows or so later.  This is just the type of project that back knitting  - ya not gonna happen - I tried, but after a row, I figured it was easier to pull everything off my needles and start again - that's happened three times already.

I'm not ready to give up because this is a really neat pattern and I love the look of the tank - good news is that this is the back near the bottom, so I have time to work it out and get a rhythm going.

There are a bunch of positives for this - The foundation row stopped the curling hem, got my YO going the right direction and am getting the look I want, the yarn is soft and the colours are soft and yummy, and once I get this going - it'll knit up pretty quick.  If I didn't rip it out so many times, I would likely have had the back done by now LOL

So, onward I go!!  Yeah me!  LOL

Ravelry link - Lace Tank