19 May 2016

Fresh off my Needles

These turned out very nicely! I'm pleased with them and am very happy that they turned out so well and were so easy to knit up.  All the extra attempts at my own pair paid off nicely.

These only took about a week to do and the worst issue I had was with losing row count, picking up split threads and a dropped stitch or two  Normal stuff :)

I think I'n going to make a few face scrubbies to take a break from making another pair.  I have a pair I want to do in Cyan and another friend has requested socks, although I'm not sure she wants yoga socks or regular socks.  A this point I think I've the pattern memorized and only go by my row repeat chart LOL

I hope to get these to my friend before I have to go to Ottawa next week for a funeral  I always love to see my family, but wished it was other than funerals or weddings

Ravely Project Link - Heike Yogini Socks

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