29 May 2016

Easy Fix - For Once

Sometimes it's the easiest things that make the best fixes!

I wish I had thought of this sooner - I know I changed up the direction I was doing my yarn over, but it just didn't occur to me that that was the reason my holes were so much smaller.

At least it did occur to me to check it out and confirm my suspicions. Yeah me! Now I'm at 9 rows with a curling edge on my hem and as this is an acrylic yarn, it won't block out. Soooooooo - frog time again so I can do the 2 rows of garter stitch that will stabilize my bottom hem - last thing I want is for the hem to roll up .. that would just make my OCD twitch way to much - and I wouldn't wear it - which would be a horrible shame.

So I'm back to being excited about this piece :D


Ravelry Link -  Lace Tank