08 May 2016

Yoga Sock Asana

Yogi happy dance!!  I'm happy that I decided to frog the first sock and start again.

This looks so much better than the first time I was 'finished'.  They fit great and this yarn feel great against my skin.  Nice loose fit so won't feel like I'm constricted while doing a pose - we'll see how it feels after I've worn them for a bit - they can be machine washed but not put in the dryer as it's 75% wool like my poor hooded cowl that is now felted .. (grumbles)

They are a smidge long, but not so much that it'll affect poses while I practice.   When I do my pair in Cyan, I'll make them a bit shorter in the foot. I've a size 7-8 WIDE foot for a point of comparison if you plan to make these

I definitely learned a lot while (and re-learned) these socks.  I like doing projects that challenge me where I can master a new technique and go out on a limb to try (and in some cases) try again and again and again LOL

Now to cast on the stitches for my friend's socks :)


  1. Julie in Tucson, AZ09 May, 2016

    Thanks for the sizing information. It will help me make a pair for my daughter. We are the same size feet, but she has the wider feet.

  2. You're welcome Julie - I find the width doesn't affect it so much as how long the pattern stitch is after the heel shaping, I'll be doing 2" instead of 2 1/2" on my next pair :)


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