27 July 2016

Cuffed it! BOOM

Yea me!!! *knitterhappydance* I know it doesn't look like much or even a major accomplishment like a whole sock - but getting that cuff done is HUGE - took me maybe five attempts and various ways to get it done, but the cuff is DONE.  I didn't even has this much of an issue doing heel turns when I first tried them LOL

I finally decided upon Plan C ..  ish.  Maybe Place C 1/2.  But I don't care, it bloody well worked.  HAH!

What I ended up doing was the provisional cast on with US3 sized needles.  It was fidgety as hell to join it in the round as that type of cast on goes back over itself, I likely could have done it that way but didn't want to have to modify more than I had to - I just bulldozed on through the joining and voila!  it worked!  A few dropped stitches, but caught them - no issues.

I've only managed to get a few rounds done as it was a busy day and the rest of week promises to be just as crazy as today - maybe I'll get lucky and get a few rounds in here and there