22 July 2016

Green done!

I'm just two blocks shy of being halfway through the blocks needed as per the pattern.   I'm still thinking bout doing more blocks to make the blanket bigger - that's a huge we'll see

I started doing the brown ones and kept messing up the first two rows and ripping it out, and decided me thinks I need to take a wee bit of a break on these.  Block 3 (bottom left) took me maybe 2 days to do and that's the easiest and quickest one - that was a bit of a hint for me to do a quick change up and do something else for a change.

I've got skeins of sock yarn so I think it's time do socks .. I just have to decide on whether I want to do ankle socks or something that goes higher,  I usually wear ankle socks, so I'm most comfortable in those, but would be nice to have something in winter that goes at least as high as the top of my boots LOL  Damn snow!

So off to pick out what socks I want and \which yarn to use :D