03 July 2016

Pinky Pink to Dusty Rose

My needles have been a bit busy :) I've managed to finish off all the pink blocks - that was a struggle because my second skein of yarn was just AWFUL.  It felt coarse and nubby.  I actually felt hard parts slipping across my fingers as I knit - it wasn't flexible so the P3TOG and K3TOG were a struggle as the yarn had no give and wasn't forgiving at all.

I moved onto the dusty rose yarn and have finished blocks 1 and 4 of the pattern.  This yarn is so much nicer to knit with and the blocks are making up quicker with way less mistakes.  I think I only had to deal with the odd dropped stitch through my knitting as it slipped off the needles during P3TOG or K3TOG.

I had the most fun with the block on the right (Block 4) It's an easy texture, mindless sort of knit with a simple repeating pattern.  So I'm trying to decide on either the cable pattern or the circular pattern.  Decisions decisions LOL.  It's supposed to look like chevrons, but I'n not quite seeing it as there's a lot of other texture to this pattern - no complaints here - it's a fabulous looking block.

A girlfriend and myself are starting to get together again to have a biweekly knatter night.  We did these in the past and they got rather huge and popular.  This time we'll keep it small - just 2 friends hanging out knitting, drawing or doing whatever.  Just enjoying each other's company and having girl therapy time which we both desperately need!