30 July 2016

I've Been Cuffed

My cuff didn't leave me as pleased as I thought it would. I did end up doing the pick up stitches on the final piece - the trick was to use a larger needle for casting on - it did work and I'm pleased with it as it worked and looked pretty decent.  Then as I started to knit round by round, I stopped liking it.  It looked odd to me, and it wasn't the sort of odd I felt that I could get used to.  you know, you let a pattern develop and see how it goes.

The yarn is nice to work with - I've had a few sticky spots with splitting yarn, but nothing huge and didn't happen all the time.  Just in those areas where it was important the yarn behave LOL  Figures, eh?  I worked with it and around it.

The pattern is pretty and I do like that I can see the texture through the changing colours in the yarn.   So what didn't I like about it?  It's starting to look like the Sorting Hat from Hogwarth's.  Not my idea for a sock.

When I was first looking at this pattern I did a google search for Nutkin sock and looked at the image results.  This 'hat' look happens in everyone's sock that did it,  I also noticed that a lot of ppl did ribbing.  Didn't see a lot of reasons why, but I can guess.  It's a bugger to do the actual cuff for one, and for two I'm thinking that this cuff would allow the sock to slip.  I'd wear them a bit slouched as it is, so that wouldn't necessarily bother me.  But this look bothers me.  I've done 2 sets of 10 rows so far, and I'm not liking it any better.    I decided to let it sit over night and decide when I got up - so I'm thinking I'm gong to rip it out instead of going all the way through with one sock to see how I'll like it.  Normally, I'd do one sock and see how I like it, but not this time.  I know I'll obsess over that cuff all the way through.

On a more positive note:  I've been having a yen to make my own pasta, and I finally did it.  I found a recipe for pasta for two so I wouldn't have a ton of extra pasta dough that I didn't want.  I used my food processor and found that that recipe needed more oil that it asked for.  It is possible it was over worked a bit too, that will come with practice and experience.  Rolling it out by hand was a pain as I needed to be as thin as possible; Home made pasta puffs a bit when you cook it,  I got it how I wanted it and cut it with a knife, with no regard to thickness LOL  This afterall was an experiment.  I found a recipe for a Mushroom Garlic Sauce that really appealed.  I made adjustments as I wasn't  cooking a pound of pasta.  I must say, I'm pretty pleased with the result even though it was hard work.  I'll be doing it again and will cut the pasta thinner or maybe even with a pasta machine!

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