09 July 2016

Two Colours Done

I've been making some progress without much thought.  This pattern is so easy and mindless to work on.  A few challenging stitches, but there are video tutorials to help with the tricky ones.  I've the full set for the pink and the dusty pink and half way through the peach.

I'm working on Block 3  It's knit in a circle using circs or DPNs.  Since I couldn't find my DPNs, I was using 2 DPNs and 2 circs.  Since I'm working with acrylic, the block was looking circular by the time I got done with it.  I did find a tutorial on how to block acrylic.  There is definitely two opposing camps regarding blocking acrylic.  I've never blocked it before as I can't get it to stay blocked when I do, but I've not tried this method before.  I definitely need to do something to get them the same size or else I'll be doing a battle and a half when I start to put this together.  The sizes definitely are NOT uniform.

The new DPNs are shorter than I would like, but I can smoosh it together when it gets bigger, but it no longer looks like a circle while I'm knitting it.  This makes me smile :)  And I'm no longer fighting with having two sections of this pattern on one circ and rounding it out.

The next block is what's going to make this a true 'scrap' yarn project - it's not the same wool and the colour is definitively a different hue and a different texture.

I created a page for the blocks for this project  rather than post each and every single block .. that would be a LOT of pics LOL.

I'm feeling great about this project and am definitely getting more excited about seeing how this will look when I put it together

Ravelry link - KAL Stash Killer