13 July 2016

Peaches picked!

Knitterhappydance!! Third colour all done! I was pretty worried about the yarn I had to choose for the last block - it didn't feel as thick and it was less WPI as it's more a cotton yarn than fuzzy acrylic, but it did come out at the size needed - so I'm pretty pleased with it!

What is sort of freaking me out is how the cable block and the diamond block seem so much 'taller' than the other two.  I'm not as worried about the diamond block, it's the cable block that's going to be 'interesting'.  I think that it even has more rows than the other blocks, but I could be wrong - it's been known to happen LOL.  I think that the blocking will be my friend or total disaster But I'm game to try for sure!  No guts no glory

I'm sitting here looking at my box of yarn that I've put aside for this project and debating between the spruce green or the totally un matchy matchy browns LOL  I guess putting it that way, I think I'll do the spruce green and deal with the no matchy matchy for the next set haha

Ravelry Link - KAL Stash Killer