17 July 2016

On the Green

It was a wee bit strange to suddenly be knitting a darker yarn, but a nice break and welcome change.   I can honestly say it was awesome to leave the pink, dusty pink and peach behind.  I'll have to work with them one more time when it comes to finishing.

According to the directions, I've a choice of I-cord or 3 needle bind off - As I've done the 3 needle before with socks and hats, I'll of course be using that method.  I've wanted to take a break and put the coloured blocks together, but knowing me, I'll change my mind on how they'll be put together LOL  sooooo ya - not going to do that yet, no matter how much I want to start playing with it.  I'm not even halfway done yet - I'll need to get 4 more blocks done before I can say 'halfway'

While I'm working on this, I am thinking about how I'll put it all together - light to dark or light and dark alternating, or just toss them all in.  I'll have to lay them out like I do with quilt blocks and see how it all looks.

I am really enjoying this pattern.  The few mistakes that are in the pattern are easy to work through as they not only provide the written pattern, but a chart as well (Thank God for the chart) so it makes it easy to figure it out  The worst mistake is the lack of what LC and RC in the pattern instructions - I was able to figure it out due to the chart!!  Definite A++ for that.

And depending on the size when I get the blocks done, I might actually make it bigger - i do want to kill off all my 1 and 2 orphan skeins of yarn.  They do need to be in the same colour family of course or maybe I might even do them as lights or mediums or darks.  I'll just have to see what's left and what I need.  I'm am very pleased and excited about this project!!

Ravelry link - KAL Stash Killer