03 August 2016

Bloody Hell - Tink time ..

This is what makes me loose my noodle. I manage to get to the 3rd repeat and BOOM, I find a mistake!  FFS  Bloody Hell!  And since I was only 20 rows in I would just frog the whole thing.  I'm freeken tired of frogging the whole thing - my option - tink back 4 rounds to get to that hole and bloody well fix it properly.  I tried to ignore it, but I can't .. my OCD just twitches sideways and I can't let it be and just sit there - I've been trying and it mocks me on each round .. so I'll try the tink method and try to fix it - please don't make me frog this one .. pretty please.

I should have this sock almost done by now - but nope .. nada .. nyet ,.  nin .. nil ... FECK


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