29 August 2016

Keeping me on my toes

This pattern has been a lot of fun so far. Pretty easy to memorize the pattern stitch and it flows nicely.  The only issue I'm having right now is if I'm going to have enough yarn for each sock.  So I've been thinking of how to solve this issue.  Easiest one - do the heel and toe different colours and that should give me enough yarn.  There's only one little thing wrong with that - I've already done my heel (sigh) - so that would mean I would have to tink back (good lord not that) to the heel and redo the rest of the sock and finish with a different coloured toe.

I am tempted to just continue until I run out of yarn and go from there and make a decision then if needed. I picked up this yarn tonight along with a few other fibre goodies.  It's a good match for the pink in the sock.  It was hard to find a colour - they've got the fall colours out in the yarns now and blue isn't in the fall palate for some silly reason LOL.

I walked into a deal and a half at Micheal's tonight.  I had a coupon for 40% off one regular priced item.  I decided to pick up some Sock Ease and used the 40% off for that skein; the yarn I picked for the toes was 4.49 so I picked up 2 of those and they had Bernat handicraft on for 1.99 so I grabbed two of them.  The cashier decided she liked me and put another discount on my purchase - So I managed to get 5 skeins of yarn for just over $20.  What's nice about the pink and olive green I picked up is that those skeins are over 600 yarns and most socks use around 300 yards - I might manage to get 2 pairs of socks out of each skein . how cool would that be??  So in this bundle of yarn I got here, I'm looking at the future of 5 pairs of socks and 2 dishcloths There is a really cool pattern included in one of the Bernat skeins that I am definitely going to make.  I will definitely be getting back to my afghan blocks soon as these socks are done :)

Ravelry link - Midnight Oil Socks