11 August 2016

Pfft I'm over this!

This pattern has just bout rendered me speechless, frustrated me to no end, confused the hell out of me and almost made me not want to knit. And that doesn't happen often. I officially give up on this pattern.

First there were all the issues with the cuff and then finally settling for ribbing instead.

Then there's an issue with this pattern twisting, it was stated that this only happens with the cuff - when you don't pick up the first stitch and join it with the cuff stitch exactly.  Well since I'n not using the cuff, I shouldn't be having the twisting issue right?  I noticed some ppl had reversed the stitches to compensate, but I found that out when I started to do the heel turn

Then there was the struggle with the poorly written short heel turn instructions.  I found a more user friendly tutorial on Silver's Sock Tutorial and on Laura Chau's blog and was able to move on from there.

What finally did me in was finding this GAPING hole after I had gone a few rounds past where I started working the whole sock again.  I honestly thought I had dropped stitches when I put my project in my bag, so I picked up what I thought were dropped stitches, and the noticed I had 20 stitches on my needle instead of 16 - so tinking I went, and then I finally realized that I would not likely be able to fix this.  Add to that the twisting sock and I have just had it with this pattern.

I'm really disappointed that the designer didn't include pics of the cuff set up, the heel turn and Lord knows what else since I'm stopping here - time to pick another sock pattern!   Buh Bye Nutkin!