07 August 2016

That Heeling Moment

Right now I'm doing a combination of the *knitterhappydance* and a cross of giggling and cackling all at the same time.  I know .. the mental image of that one is almost awful LOL  All you need to do is add moonlight and burning feathers hee hee.

The reason for the knitter joy?  Simple, I've nailed it. Or mostly I accepted that there are going to be larger holes in places due to where the YO was done - and I'm good with that.  It's a mindless repeat with the YO and the SSK moving over one stitch each round in order to create the texture of the pattern.

I'm almost at the point of starting the heel turn.  Silly me got into the mindless repeats so much that I forgot to mark how many repeats I've done, but that's simple enough to figure out.  I just count the number of pattern repeats :)

I should start the heel turn in 2 more rounds.  I'm pretty excited about this!  Loving the way the colours are coming out in this yarn.  And looking forward to having another pair of socks that will be great for my winter boots and the bloody snow.