08 August 2016

Relapse time

Me thinks my heeling moment had a relapse. Bah!  I knew it was going to good to be true LOL

I thought I was doing it right, and followed it step by step .. apparently not since I should be working over 32 stitches (16 on each needle) and this is way more than 32 stitches.

The pattern reads:
1. Knit all sts until there is one st remaining. Turn the work.
2. On the wrong/purl side, yarn over and purl all sts until one st remains. Turn.
3. On the right/knit side, yarn over and knit up to the stitch/yarn over pair. Turn.
4. On the wrong/purl side, yarn over and purl to the first st/yo pair. Turn.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until 10 sts between the st/yo pairs remain (each needle will have: one st on the end, 10 st/yo pairs, and 5 sts toward the center). This occurs on a k row. 
I've been doing the repeat of steps 3 and 4, but  according to step 5, my number of stitches  should remain the same, but they aren't.  So tinking back and will figure out where I went wrong.  I'll read up on forum posts and other blog posts and see if anyone else had the same issue or maybe I'm reading the steps wrong . well I am reading it wrong, but I'm wondering how it's supposed to go ..


Addendum:  Should I have 25 stitches on each needle???  10 st/yo pairs would be 20 stitches right?  

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