17 August 2016

Burning the Midnight Oil

I can just imagine that I left everyone thinking I was frothing at the mouth, eyes spinning, ripping my hair out, and steam coming out of my ears and totally losing my mind.  I definitely felt that way.  If I had printed out the pattern, I would've taken a match to it.  Instead I frogged the whole thing with total and complete glee  LOL  But happier times have prevailed :D

I wanted a simple pattern that looked complicated.  Something with texture without having to do cables (I love cables,, but am not in the mood for doing them right now); you know - increases, decreases and YO type things.  Took me three or four hours of sifting through what felt like a million patterns, but was prolly just a hundred or so and I found the  pattern that fit my mood perfectly!

Designer Photo
They've got a nice flowing design reminiscent of candle flames.  Easy to memorize - Just have to watch out for the sneaky dropped stitch that always happens. I contended with one already and just ripped it back.  This time I'm being super careful and have caught the little buggers before they breed issues.  I'm super excited about making these.  I've had a few super busy days and haven't managed to get much knitting done at all - I'm gonna start to growlz if this keeps up.  I've two doctor appointments tomorrow, but hopefully I can knit afterwards - although there's a few things in the yard that needs to be done if the rain holds off and let's things dry out - not going to complain to much about that, we've had a super dry summer and the rain is much needed.  Just wish I would let me get my stuff done outside first LOL

This pattern is looking great so far and really shows off my yarn nicely!  I know I know .. I said that bout the last pattern and it would've happened if I didn't have so many issues with it.

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