01 June 2016

Definitely happy with the lace look

So far so good. It's nice to be able to say that :)

My 'columns' are a bit off kilter, but that's okay - mistakes build character in a piece and it's own level of perfection!  The striped sections are about 1 1/2" for each colour as it goes with bits of white shot through it.  The yarn is soft and feel good to knit and is easy to knit as well.

As you can see the columns aren't quite lining up, but again, that's okay  I do know this is likely from when I had to many stitches on my needles and the pattern shifted.  I refuse to stress over this - yes I notice it, but I won't stress.  I'm going to accept that it is what it is and that it adds character :D  This is near the bottom on the back piece which measures 9" - so I'll do another blue then a green before I do the bodice area in 3 - 31/2" before I need to make any decisions about the bodice.

According to the pattern I'm short for the required yarn - but like most patterns, there's always extra listed as we can't get skeins in custom sizes.  So I could actually get lucky.  I do have a DK in baby ish blue and a white that I can use  Would prefer not to use white me thinks - IDK I have to think about it.  Blue makes sense as it follows the pattern of the yarn striping - but green is a good colour - matches my eyes.  Or again white as it's totally neutral.  I'll have to head into a LYS when I figure out my needs and go from there - I'l know maybe in 3 or so inches LOL

Yup - definitely getting excited - love the way the stitches appear to flow.  Definitely giddy here hahahaha