24 June 2016

A Good Start

These blocks so far are a nice challenge - and the most important - not frustrating LOL. I changed needle sizes as I found K2togbl to be tricky at best and hard on my hands, but I found a trick and frogged the block for a second time, and I found that things were a lot easier

So far I've 1 whole block done and another half way, This is another one of those where I knit enough to have 4 blocks done and only have 1 1/2
done, but it's a learning process and I am learning a few new tricks which is always in

This block was a bit tricky as it was done as a circle on circulars or DPNs, I had a few issues with stitches dropping off and not discovering them until rows later - with all the KTOG and PTOG in multiple stitches it was pretty tricky to do the drop stitch method to fix. Tinking back was more trouble than it was worth so - ripped it apart and started again. Since it's a small piece it's not that hard of a task :)

So far, I've done almost 3 of the 4 blocks, but I don't have a finished first block anymore as that was the one I frogged as it was done in US8 needless instead of the US7 I decided on

I rather wish I was doing this with a wool or natural fibre blend as acrylic doesn't block well and tends to hold a funky shape if I held it weird while knitting it.  The block done in the round is still rather roundish and normally I could hope to block it into square shape, but acrylic doesn't place nice like that.  I'm sure it'll wiggle into shape when it's put into the blanket and used :)

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