18 June 2016

Pros and Cons .. Do I like it?

I'm sitting there trying to think of a quick quip regarding my Lace Tank Project and I'm drawing a blank,  This project covered the gamut of experience; frustration, tribulation and creative thinking.  LOL  I'm not even sure I feel relief - I'm just numb - I think.  But .. it is FINALLY done - I thought it would have been finished 1 or 2 days ago - but yet again, it mocked me

The last issue I had was the neck and arm hole edgings,  The pattern called for picking up then binding off the next row - gave a neat look cause you bind off knitwise on a purl row - the pattern called for this to be done on smaller needles, but it was to tight  - so i tried a crochet border - that didn't work so well, so bumped up to my original needles, added a row then bind (bound?  binded off??) off normal.

All the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair did pay off :)  It fits well, a wee bit short, but not so bad I won't wear it.  I am pleased with it - not sure bout the yarn but that could be just cause I'm tired of it now - but I did use all of it, had to dig into my stash for a few filler bits :)

I'm glad I didn't do the ribbed bodice as I think it would be binding / snug - and looked more like a little girls dress, than a top for an adult woman LOL

I was spot on with casting on the front as my sides match and with invisible seaming you can't tell it wasn't done in the round.

Okay sitting here and listing off the good things about this top and seeing how it actually fits in the picture (which I had to contort a bit to take), I've decided I'm pleased, but won't be doing this top again LOL  it was a true PITA

I am looking at making another tank / but more likely a tunic.  I just have to decide what one to do and what colour.  I've some Mary Maxim Mellowspun4 in teal and some Bernant Baby Sport in white - and can't forget all the socks I keep eyeballing to look at - lace patterns are speaking to me, but I really want to do one that spells out each step and bloody well makes sense LOL  I'm due for an easy pattern