26 June 2016

Block 3 - Cables in Pink

Normally I adore doing cables and working them. This was really no exception except for one part - the pattern has 8 distinct cable pattern parts but only listed directions for 6.  So one part of my cable looks a bit wonky, but I figured it out .. eventually LOL

It really helped that they included written pattern AND chart pattern for all the blocks.  It made it easier to figure out what the missing pattern stitches were for - now whether they were to be knitted or purled is anyone's guess, but I knit it and it seems to have worked out.

This skein of yarn really is awful - it's one of those Love Knit No Dye Lot skeins I got somewhere or from someone.  it's rough and scratchy and sort of tricky to knit with,  This piece sort of feels like knitted kevlar LOL  I'm glad I've decided to take all these orphan skeins and put them to use finally.  I'm looking forward to seeing how all these work together.  I'm trying to figure out how I add a gallery page to my blog without changing the whole layout.  Either I'll figure it out or I won't.

I do like it - it's pretty, and I'm looking forward to finishing the pink part of this blanket.  Just one more block :D