06 June 2016

Awful .. Just Awful

The tunic part of this tank top is just adorable! I truly do love it. The bodice on the other hand .. it's AWFUL and I hate it.  This is supposed to be for a finished bust size of 43.5" I'm not to sure about that.  The fact it's all in ribbing prolly has a lot to do with it, although I honestly thought that it would fit better.

The straps are to short, that is likely due to me not trusting the measurements the pattern gave - I misjudged just how long the strap instructions were for - even might have read them wrong too.  The one thing that truly troubles me is how narrow the neck opening is  I think that I could've adapted for just about anything other than that itty bitty opening.  So a bit of work / rethinking needs to go into that.

I must have looked at dozens of sleeveless tops, tunic and tank top patterns to find a pattern I could easily blend into this one without doing a ton of math or restructuring my entire life LOL  There was this one I found called the Lillian Tank Top   The hardest part for converting it, is it's done in the round, and I'm knitting this one flat.  Stitches where different too, but I'm thinking I can adjust a bit for it

Armhole shaping for pattern I'm working:
Keeping to pattern, cast off 7 sts at beg of next 2 rows -  97 sts.
Dec 1 st at each end of next 7 rows, then on foll  6 alt rows -  71 sts.

Arm Shaping Row 
Bind off 25 stitches, knit 66 stitches cast off 25 stitches, knit 66 stitches.
With right ride facing you k8, bind off across until there are 7 sts on your left hand needle, knit those 7 sts. Work 7 rows of stockinet stitch on these 8 stitches. Bind off.Join a new ball of yarn and work 7 rows of stockinet stitch on the other 8 stitches. Bind off.
Armhole shaping for Lillian Tank:
On the last 66 stitches that you just knit, work 54 rows of stockinet stitch.

The Lillian Tank is worked over 132 stitches, whereas mine is 121; done in the round where I'm working flat - but I'm thinking that if I take into account the extra 11 stitches then split the difference - It just might work - This also puts the neckline at the armhole shaping - which just might make a larger neck opening.  I'm going to have to think about it - I'm inclined just to do stockinette and go from there.  I'll do a bit of ribbing on the front section just above the lace to create the empire waist definition - or I can just let it drape in the front like a tunic.  There's a bit I need to think about it,, but for now - I'm going to go with the stockinette and see how that goes.

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