03 June 2016

New Math or I've lost my mind

Oh kay then .. Either I've lost my understanding of basic math or the designer is on crack.  The pattern reads as such with the stitches / measurements I'm following:
Next row (RS): Rib 6 3, yo, K2tog, *rib 6, yo, K2tog; rep from * to last 2 sts, rib to end.
Cont in rib patt until Back meas 15.25", ending with RS facing for next row.
Shape armholes
Keeping to pattern, cast off 7sts at beg of next 2 rows -  97 sts.
Dec 1 st at each end of next 7 rows, then on foll 6 alt rows - 71) sts.
Work even
 until armhole meas  6.75" , ending with RS facing for next row.
Now at this point I've already knitted up 12" for the tnic part of the top - this has a finished length of 24"  Excuse me for just a minute here - but doesn't 12 + 15.25 equal more than 24"????

What's made me pause as I just started the bodice section and of course I read ahead and noticed the 15.25" and I'm thinking that .. whoa wait a minute . from the top of the empire waist (just under my breasts) that puts that measure to the top of my ear.

 It has just occurred to me .. "until Back meas 15.25"" means from the start of the work . ARGH .. I swear I thought I was losing my freaken noodle!!  I really wish that designers would be a bit more clear and say something like ribbing measures 3.25"  FECK    Here I was, getting out the tape measure and ready to measure armholes, neckline strap length and drafting the rest - I'll be doing that anyways to an extent to be sure it fits right, but not the extent I was going to

Oh kay then . rant over LOL.  Sometimes sharing / writing out my thoughts is what makes things clear - thank you for letting me share LOL  I'm such a twit sometimes.

Oh and on a side note - the ball of green that I found in my stash will be what I use a filler if I run out of this skein for the back and front :)  oh and also for the edging that I'll be doing later - it's a fairly close match to the lighter green through out the yarn.  I've 2 balls just like that one so I've plenty.

Update on the 'math' for this pattern:  
I feel vindicated. I was telling the kid (who is a math person whereas I'm not) about my experience with the instructions - he thought the same thing that I did!  So, I'm not a total twit then LOL