19 June 2016

KAL Blanket up next

It was an awesome day today! My dad turned 80 on the 11th of June and with it being Father's Day tomorrow, a family gathering was in the offing! My brother, his girlfriend, my nephew, the kid and of course Dad headed out to lunch in Detroit near Michigan and Trumbull (which is a place near and dear to all our hearts) and had a great brunch and even greater times.  Dad looked so happy to have his family around him.  I think that was the best present he could ever have.  The contented look on his face said it all :)

I spent half the afternoon after that trying to find a tank / tunic pattern for the 2 skeins of teal that I've got.  Finally settled on one and was doing the swatch when I decided that I really didn't want to do the tank right then, so it's shelved for now.  Instead I decided that a project I could pick up and put down at will (instead of totally losing my spot and train of thought on it)  This way I can do a pair of socks if I feel the need.

It's a KAL that was published by WEBS and calls for 2 100g skeins of 9 colours.  Yes that's a lot of yarn, but I've the stash for it.  My stash is very frustrating as I've a LOT of yarn, but not enough for larger projects, so it sits and does nothing but mock me when I browse through patterns I want to make.  I'm really trying to be good and not buy more yarn unless it's specially for a project. No more impulse skeins unless it's sock yarn.  So this KAL is custom made for me.  I've enough worsted yarn to make this blanket and then some LOL.

I took all my worsted yarn and dumped it on the floor.  Just then the kid decided to come upstairs and sees me sitting in the midst of yarn everywhere!  Looked like a sheep exploded in my loft LOL  Apparently me sitting on the floor buried in fabric or yarn is enough of a thing in this house that all he did was shake his head and keep talking LOL.  So I picked out my yarns and grouped them together and ended up with this.  I'm still not sure of the blue or red for this, but I do have extras that as long as I get one block out of a ball of yarn, I'll be happy with it.  I like scrappy quilts, so why not a scrappy knitted blanket?  As you can see some of these colours are close, but not the same - the 4 balls off to the right are in case I change my mind about the reds and blues.

It's going to be fun putting all the blocks together - almost like quilting which I truly miss.  I'll get to decide on colour groupings, or light to dark groupings or random placements it'll all depend on my mood,, but I'm OCD enough to want the colours grouped - just not sure if light to dark or blended or  or or or LOL  see .. it's gonna be fun!!

Ravelry Link - KAL Stash Killer