08 June 2016

Yay - Improvement bound!

With the decision made to do stockinette stitch, the bodice went much faster.  It actually looks like a top now, instead of a dress for a little girl.  LOL  All I have to do for the back piece is binding off the neckline and the left strap - not sure it's long enough, but I can adapt on the front.  I know - famous last words.  The thought that's been on my mind is hoping to God that I can start the front piece in the same relative place so my stripes aren't totally wonky.  I'm hoping that I can line up the colours on the yarn - From my lips to God's ear I can only hope it works out close enough.  This top has enough character as it is.  What with the modifications I've made and all - and the bit of different yarn that I had to use. On a good note, I do like it now - well so far I do - but that can change real quick with this project.

If you look, you can see that this yarn is shot with through with a metallic thread - makes the yarn stiffer and am hoping it's not going to itch like mad - not worked with metallic yarn before so I'm not sure of what to expect - the advantages of this is that it was in my stash and is the same weight and WPI as the yarn I'm using.  Maybe with washing it'll soften up.  While it's obvious it's not the same yarn, with it being at the top of the strap, my hair will cover it up for the most part - I hope

And speaking of hair - on a totally unrelated topic - I had 8" cut off today.  It feels so much better now and will be way easier to take care of!  I got some excellent girl time with my hair goddess too - so that was an added bonus as far as I'm concerned.  Another great added bonus is that i don't have to worry bout mussing with my hair for my license and Health Card renewal pictures as that's already been done :)  Yeah me!

My hair goddess has the sweetest St. Bernard on the planet and it's just not a complete visit if I don't get love from her  which includes dog hair, wet nose bumps and an attention hog.  I don't have an issue with it one bit.  My hound Zeppy had to give me a total, complete sniff over when I got home LOL  As you can see by the picture blur, he was sniffing at mach one - from the time I walked in the door, walked up the stairs and sat down - his nose was glued to some part of me!   LOL  Gotta love the pups.